Why US Hammer

NEW! Patented Technology

Built Contractor Tough!

With patented technology and Honda reliability, US Hammer has developed a new line of self contained demolition hammers and post drivers that are efficient, quiet “Green machines” for working in today’s environment.


Greater Impact & More Efficient

  • Delivers 50% more impact energy than all existing gas and electric jackhammers on the market today.
  • Works on par with pneumatic breakers.
  • Our new technology will give you greater magnitude and momentum for increased impact.
  • Built Contractor Tough!

Better Work Conditions

Less Noise, Dust, Vibration

  • Quieter than a pneumatic.
  • Ideal for working in cities and night works.
  • Less vibration equates to safer working conditions and less health risk.
  • Less dust. With no pneumatic exhaust, less dust is blown into the environment.
  • CARB / EPA certified. Developed with production and safety in mind.

Self Contained

Less Equipment & Lighter Weight

  • No air compressor, hoses, or additional trucks.
  • Easily stowed on work trucks.
  • Always on hand ready to work.
  • Ideal for contractors, professional crews, rental yards, and homeowners.


Honda Reliability & Efficiency

  • Four stroke Honda reliability.
  • No mixing of fuel and oil.
  • Minimal fuel consumption.
  • Less than 4 gal for 8 hour work day.
  • More efficient = Better ROI