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NEW! Patented Technology

Built Contractor Tough!

US Hammer ‘s unique design gives you a harder hit. Giving you the ability to drive fence post, t-post, pipe, and stakes in the hardest of ground. All drivers come with our standard 3 1/4″ receiver cup and can easily be adapted to fit all of your post. Comes with one adapter of your choice. Honda 4 stroke for easy start-up and reliability.   

Left side of GAs Post Driver


100% Self Contained

  • Greater impact with more efficiency.
  • Delivers 50% more driving force than all other existing gas and electric Post drivers on the market today.
  • Breakers deliver the same impact energy as similar sized pneumatics.
  • Built to work! made out of high-grade anodized aluminum.
  • No need for large towable compressor or additional equipment.

compact designed

Low maintenance & Light Weight

  • Easily stowed on work trucks.
  • Always on hand ready to work when you are.
  • Ideal for Fence, solar and tent installers, Construction roadside box installation, sidewalks & driveway concrete demolition, ground rods, agriculture and landscaping works and much more installation.